May 22, 2012

Mentioned in Telegraph Journal for advocacy. Tear Down City's Old Boy's Club

"Part of the credit [for increased numbers of women candidates and elected female members in New Brunswick] must go to the advocacy organization Equal Voice, and to individual advocates of electoral reforms that encourage equal participation, such as New Brunswick filmmaker Gretchen."

Jan 27, 2011

Gretchen was interviewed on Saint John, New Brunswick's CBC radio show: Information Morning. It was re-broadcast across the Maritimes that afternoon on Close to Home.

Nov, 2010

Upcoming screening of Menocracy in Toronto with Fair Vote Canada.

Join us for the premiere of a new film: Menocracy. Sponsored by the Toronto Chapter of Fair Vote Canada. This film by New Brunswick writer/director Gretchen explores why we elect so few women and what can be done about it. Featuring interviews with: Canada, Dr Rosie, UK, Dr Susan, USA, Dr Joanna Everitt, Canada... and the ghost of suffragist: Gertrude Harding.

Wednesday, November 10, Metro Hall, 55 John St at King St West. Room 304, 7-9 pm. Refreshments served. No cost but space limited -- please reserve your spot by contacting June Macdonald:

Oct, 2010

New Brunswick election sparks electoral reform interest

Another provincial election, another schmozzle. In 2006, New Brunswick had a wrong winner election in which the Progressive Conservatives won more votes, but the Liberals won more seats and formed a majority government. This time, 48.9% of New Brunswick voters cast votes for the Progressive Conservatives and 51.1% voted for the other parties - but the voting system gave the Conservatives more than three times as many seats as all other parties combined.

Fair Vote Canada’s assessment of the election received extensive media attention, as shown by these articles in the Telegraph Journal, and the Globe and Mail, and sparked hundreds of online comments. In addition, University of New Brunswick political scientist Paul Howe has called for an electoral reform process, noting that former NB premier Bernard Lord had promised a referendum on a mixed proportion system proposed by the NB Commission on Legislative Democracy.